January 14, 2004John McEnroe took steroids for pain

80's tennis great clarifies that steroids he took were "anti-inflammatories".

July 19, 2003A-ha fans come from nationwide to convention

The a-ha fan convention meets in Hollywood, CA to celebrate the band.

June 26, 2003Duran Duran is back

The band's original five members are together again, recording a new album and taking the act on the road.

June 20, 2003a-ha Fan Convention to be Held in Hollywood

The U.S. a-ha fan street team is hosting its second annual convention this July 12 in Hollywood, CA.

April 3, 2003Who Screwed Roger Rabbit?

In these sequel happy times, why are we not seeing more of Roger Rabbit? What has befallen this could be star?

September 18, 2002Video game set in the 80s coming to Playstation 2

Upcoming video game, "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City", will take place in the 80's, and will involve lots of 80's cars and 80's music.

June 5, 2002Five nights of the 80's on VH-1

VH-1 looks back at the 80's and how it changed our lives

May 10, 2002VH1 sings praises of 'One-Hit Wonders'

VH-1 spotlighted the 100 Greatest one-hit wonders. The 80's dominated with 41 of the greatest, 5 making the top 10. Check it out and see who from the 80's made it. (We only counted songs that originated from the 80's, and a typo on the VH-1 site lists Aqua's "Barbie Girl" from 1987, but the special correctly lists as 1997)

April 8, 2002Save That '80s Show

No one has said the show is going to be cancelled, but the rumor is out there, so let's save it just in case...

February 6, 2002From the 80's has a new look and more!
February 6, 2002Happy Birthday, Ronald Reagan!
January 9, 2002What to expect from "That '80s Show"?

As the premiere approaches, we did our homework to predict what to expect.

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