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About the site

This site has been around since the early days of the World Wide Web, dating back to early 1996. Jim, the webmaster of the site, was inspired by some college dorm hallmates composing a web site listing every TV show. Jim liked the idea of the big list on the web, but a list of what? Then one day Larry, another tireless member of the From the Eighties team, sent him Bryant Adkins' famous essay "Don't Call Me 'Generation X' call Me a Child of the Eighties." At that point the answer was obvious - a web site of 80's references.

Originally called "Jim's Nifty Eighties Page", the site began as one of forerunners to 80's fan sites. It first boasted fewer than 100 references, but with much thanks to the contributions of the site's visitors, the site grew to become one of the most comprehensive 80's lists on the Internet with currently over 3,000 Eighties references. And it continues to grow today. From the Eighties has been mentioned in several publications (most recently, the Toronto Sun) and 80's radio stations around the world, and has been interviewed, and has been praised by 80's fans all over.

In recent years, there has been an obvious 80's revival, as web sites, TV shows, movies, products, and so on have celebrated the decade. So From the Eighties has worked hard to remain informative and relevant. We offer trivia, discussion forums, polls, an 80's trading place, LOTS of 80's memories, an online radio station, the lofty goal of accuracy (Read more about our sources), with a lot more in the works.