Hair and Makeup


  1. layered haircuts (is this the "stairway cut" hair?)
  2. big bangs
  3. big hair (guess that's where the Bold Hold comes in)
  4. bleached blonde hair (sure it's still done, but it was worse in the 80s)
  5. Bold Hold hairspray
  6. colored mousse
  7. colored mousse
  8. feathered/crimped hair
  9. flat tops
  10. long frizzy hair on guys
  11. half-fros(half afro but not quite)
  12. Jheri curls
  13. mohawks
  14. mullets
  15. overly moussed/sprayed hair
  16. perms
  17. the preppy look (short hair, etc.)
  18. side pony tails
  19. spiked hair
  20. those little tails of hair ("rat tails", "duck tails", whatever)


  1. blue eye shadow and colored mascara
  2. Excessive makeup (women mostly)
  3. glittery hair/makeup/fingernails