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November 2003Is Michael Jackson Innocent?
October 2003What 80's actor should replace your governor?
September 2003What 80's name should the hurricane be given?
August 2003Who was the greatest 80's pop culture icon?
July 2003Which 80's cartoon would make the best live-action movie?
June 2003What's your favorite 80's board game?
April 2003Which 80's TV show would make the best summer flick?
March 2003What the heck happened to Michael Jackson?
February 2003What 80's song describes your romantic style?
January 2003Which 80's action hero should we send to kick Saddam's butt?
December 2002What was the best 80's Christmas movie?
November 2002Who was the leader of the "Brat" Pack?
October 2002Who was the scariest 80's monster?
September 2002What is the ultimate 80's school-related memory?
August 2002Which was the greatest 80's cartoon character?
July 2002Which was the coolest car of the 80's?
June 2002What other song was the greatest 80's one-hit wonder?
May 2002What was the greatest TV show of the 80's?
April 2002Should Spielberg have removed guns from E.T.?
March 2002Who was the biggest Olympic star of the 80's?
February 2002What did you think of That '80s Show?
January 2002Are the Smurfs really Communists?
December 2001What was your favorite 80's holiday gift?
November 2001Is Michael Jackson still the King of Pop?
October 2001Why Did Iran Really Release the Hostages as Reagan Was Sworn In As President?
September 2001What have you done or do you plan to do to help the victims of the terrorist attacks?
August 2001Did/Do you want your MTV?
July 2001How did Reagan make us so proud of the United States in the 80's?
June 2001What Is the Most Thrilling Movie of the 1980s?
May 2001How Did Reagan's Tax Cuts Affect The Country?
April 2001What is the best picture of the 80's?
March 2001What is the top song of the 80's?
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